What will happen if I don’t file TDS return?

TDS Return Due Date and penalties

Oh ghosh! I missed filing TDS return. What will I do now?

Moneyम्जी had explained what would happen if you don’t deposit Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) to the government’s account before due date, in previous article’. But, depositing TDS and filing returns are two different things with different due dates and different consequences. Here, Moneyम्जी will tell you about TDS return filings.

Due Dates

TDS returns have to be filed quarterly, and the due date for filing the same are as follows:

S. No Quarter Due Date
1. April-June 31st July
2. July-September 31st October
3. October-December 31st January
4. January-March 31st May


After online filing of return, the return can be submitted at any of the TIN-Facilitation Centres managed by NSDL. However, if you wish to submit the return online, then you are required to sign the return using digital signature. You will then get provisional receipt/token number as an acknowledgement.


What if I forget to file the return on time?

Oh, sorry if you forgot, but you will have to pay penalty for the same. But, here are two cases- You have filed return, but filed it late; you didn’t file the return at all.

The consequences are bitter if you don’t file the return at all.

If the return is not filed within one year from the due date of filing return, or if incorrect information has been delivered, the penalty levied won’t be less than Rs 10,000, but not more than Rs 1,00,000.

Neither are the consequences sweet if you file late return.

A penalty amounting to Rs 200/day is levied till the time the default continues. But, the penalty can’t be more than the amount of tax deducted.


What if I filed wrong return?

No worries, if you notice any error after filing the return, remember, a correction statement can be filed and hence, your return can be revised. Revised return can be filed several times.


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