About Moneyम्जी

Moneyम्जी is an evolved and dynamic form of India’s own financial experts ‘Munimjis’, that have embraced modernity and advice people based on best practices in the market.

Decades ago, people in India consulted directly to Munimji (Financial expert) for any issue related to money. Now, times have changed! Laws have evolved, practices have been modernised, money has evolved into various forms, investment avenues have expanded, opportunities have increased at global level, various methods of doing business are innovated, among numerous changes. In the dynamic environment

What has not changed is the concept of Muneemji. A wise person always seeks an advice from expert before taking a step. Area has only evolved with so many experts having highly specialised knowledge and expertise in the field of finance. Muneemji is no more traditional. They are now competing at global level. They have evolved into Moneyम्जीs.

In modern times, they consult directly to Moneyम्जी. Moneyम्जी wants to lighten the burden for its people by giving them best advice and help them start and manage business at a cost that won’t pinch them.

It has been seen that filing a tax return can be a puzzling process and it is something one cannot escape. Moneymji wants to see its people stress-free and aims to simplify the return filing process for its people. We not only assist you in filing a return, but also guide you and provide financial advice in any matter related to taxation. After all, why to worry? Moneyम्जी is at your sewa 🙂